Cable Filling Compound



Cable Filling Compound are material used to prevent the ingress of moisture in to telecommunication cables. They are homogeneous mixtures of carefully selected and added refined hydrocarbons. They are petrolatum based with added elastomers and polymers to obtain their unique characteristics. The exact nature of the compound varies depending upon  the type of cable in which they are used, but generally they are either soft waxy compound .

Our product are formulated and manufactured to have very good electrical resistance properties to ensure good functioning of the filled cable. Our company is capable to produce deferent grade according to climate and telecommunication standards in customer's country .



Cable Filling Compound are used for filling of the interstices in polyethylene insulated and sheathed telephone cables. Their function is to prevent the penetration of moisture into the cable in the event of damage to the cable sleeve.



170Kgs net in new iron open-mouth drum green color .   












Penetration (0.1 mm) Flash Point°C Total Acid Num. Phase Seperation Drop Melting Point Kinematic Viscosity Characteristic
ASTM D-937 ASTM D-92 ASTM D-974-97 IEC/811-5-1 ASTM D-127 ASTM D-445 Grade/Method
 Min 50 Min 224 Max 0.05 mgKOH/gr According to test method @70°C Min 90°C Min 150 cSt@120°C PJT 10
40-60 Min 200 Max 0.05 mgKOH/gr According to test method @50°C Min 80°C Min 25  cSt@100°C PJT 60
---- Min 200 ----- ---- Min 100°C 200-250 cSt @ 120°C PFLA