Sodium Petroleum Sulphonate


Sulphonates are special materials that are known as surface active agents reducing the surface expansion and tension between two surfaces and prevent oxidation of metals. By adjusting HLB of sodium petroleum sulphonate we are producing an emulsifier named "ROSEMIX" which is used as an emulsifier for making soluble oil .



Sodium Petroleum Sulphonate is used as an additive in producing water soluble oil, cutting oil, motor oil. Also it is used in metal industry to prevent metal surface from corrosion, also used in textile and leather industries.



200Kgs net in new iron drum blue color .







Basicity AS NaOH Average Molecular Weight Water Content Inorganic Salt Mineral Oil  Sodium Sulphonate Appearance

Kinematic Viscosity

ASTM D-3712 ASTM D-3712 ASTM D-95 ASTM D-3712 ASTM D-3712 ASTM D-3712 ---- ASTM D-445 Grade/Method
Max 0.1 410-510 Max 5% Max 1.5% Max 35% Min 60% Dark Brown Max 250 cSt @100°C Sodium Petroleum Sulphonate